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Toronto/Peel Region Local By-Laws


League Operator: Mike Romita – office (905) 891-7665  - cell (905) 302-7665


We welcome your team to the Canadian Poolplayers Association. To enable us to run the League effectively and for the enjoyment of all members, we must enforce bylaws that are designed to allow the smooth operation of the League. The bylaws are to be used in addition to your Official Team Manual. 

Read the bylaws carefully, remember them and keep them. Breaking these rules can cost you a playoff, Tri-Annual or regional spot by causing you to lose valuable points that you work so hard to win.


1.    The CPA urges everyone to make all League payments by cheque or money order payable to MIKROPOOL CANADA. The local League Management will not assume responsibility for missing cash. A $20 service charge will be charged for every NSF cheque.  An NSF or post-dated cheque does not count as a timely fee submission. 

2.     Regular weekly team dues are $50. Team dues for 9-Ball Double Jeopardy are $40. All weekly dues include HST. Dues are also payable in playoffs, however, only for matches played. Should an entire team forfeit a team match (this should never happen); the offending team must pay both teams’ weekly dues before they will be allowed to continue to play the following scheduled match. This must be imposed for the inconvenience caused to the opponents by wasting their time to show up for nothing. Team forfeits are worth 8 points plus 2 bonus points for 8-Ball, and 60 points plus 20 bonus points for 9-Ball. Teams receive team forfeits or Byes do not pay their weekly due. For individual forfeits in 8-Ball, 2 points are awarded during regular session play and 3 points for playoff matches. 

3.     Teams that are delinquent in dues for more than 2 consecutive weeks may be dropped. Individual player memberships must be paid in full before they play their 2nd match. Teams playing unpaid players on their 2nd match will forfeit that player’s win. Any unpaid player may be dropped from the roster after the fourth week of play. 

4.     Members should pay the membership when they first play, however they may pay by their 2nd match. Those players must pay by their second match or a forfeit will be assessed for every match that unpaid player played. All unpaid players will be dropped from the roster after the fourth week. 

5.     Two bonus points in 8-Ball (twenty in 9-Ball) will be awarded to each team each week for weekly team fees paid in full, properly completed and legible score sheets dropped off at any official drop-off location on time.  Teams have one week to clear partial past dues without penalty but will lose their bonus point(s) for every subsequent week that past dues are not paid.  The 1st week grace for bonus points may also be lost for repeated offences. Past dues are printed beside the team name on the score-sheet. 

6.     Regional eligibility may be lost for any of the following reasons:

                    1.  Forfeiting more than 7 matches in any subsequent session.
      2.  Finishing in the lower half of the standings in any subsequent session.

7.     While the local League Office endeavors to schedule matches in a timely manner, circumstances may require teams to play “make-up” matches outside the regularly scheduled League nights. 

8.     The 23 rule is the cornerstone of CPA. All 23-Rule violations will be enforced automatically by the league office by way of the software program. A protest is not required. Teams are not allowed to agree to break this rule. As per the Official Team Manual, the penalty for breaking the 23 rule is a loss of all the points won by the offending team. The non-offending team will receive the points that they earned plus 2 points for the match that the violation occurred and for each subsequent match. Don’t let this happen to your team. Make sure you understand the rule and stay within before you put up players. The violation occurs when the ball balls are broken. Refer to page 33 of the OTM for details. 

9.     Weekly playing schedules must be adhered to. Only in special and unusual circumstances, with approval from the League Management Office, may matches be re-scheduled. Make-up matches may not be played during the last four (4) weeks of the regular session. Un-played matches during that time will result in a double-forfeit in points. All re-scheduling is entirely the responsibility of each team captain and should always be arranged in unison and in the spirit of good sportsmanship!  The approval by each Team Captain must be obtained at least 72 hours prior to the originally scheduled match in order that each team may notify all his or her players. 

10.   Scheduled Monday matches that fall on a statutory holiday are automatically re-scheduled to Tuesday where possible. If any Host Location cannot accommodate Monday and Tuesday matches in one night then the holiday Monday match will be played on Thursday. Teams that wish to re-schedule on any other day, may do so, however they both must agree to do so. The following Monday observed holidays are, Family Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. 

11.   A player may play twice in the same week, only if the team cannot field 5 players due to absentees with the following conditions; The team who is short players must prove that they have another player on their roster (but not available) that could have legally played in place of the player that plays twice and still stay within 23. If they do not, then they must forfeit the last match. If the team can play a player twice, the opponents get to select that player that plays again from the available players. Players that would jeopardize the 23-Rule cannot be selected. Any eligible player who was available during the earlier matches may be selected, so they must remain available or risk forfeiting the match if selected after they left. Teams may only exercise this option four times in a session and may not exercise this option in the last four weeks of the session (unless the opponent agrees) or in post session play.  This rule is used to aid a team with an unfortunate situation and is not to be used out of this context. 

12.   Teams have a 15-minute grace period to begin their first match. Only one player is needed to begin the match. Between 16 minutes and 30 minutes late, the late team will forfeit 2 points (15 points in 9-Ball). Between 31 minutes and 45 minutes, they will forfeit 4 points (30 points in 9-Ball). After 60 minutes it will be declared a team forfeit. The non-offending team will then receive 8 points (60 in 9-Ball) plus the bonus points (20 in 9-Ball) if earned. The non-offending team has to remain for the full hour to receive their points. The non-offending team pays no dues for a team forfeit. The late team is responsible for both teams’ dues should there be a complete team forfeit. 

13.   The League will not be responsible for any consequences incurred to any member or their team if any member is denied entry to any of our Host Locations (including Higher Level Tournament sites) for any reason.  The League will not interfere with the Host Locations’ right to bar entry to any unwelcome patron. It is also the sole responsibility of the barred patron to appeal to the Host Location owner or manager for re-entry. 

14.   In the Double Jeopardy format, a conflict with match locations may arise for some teams who are in playoffs in both formats.  As such, some matches may have to be rescheduled. By default, the 8-Ball matches will be played on the regular night and the 9-Ball match will be played on the Thursday evening of that same week, or to an agreement date and time. 

15.   All teams/players that are qualified for Higher-Level Tournaments and/or cash added events must remain active in order to keep their eligibility. An eligible team consists of at least 4 original players from the time in which they qualified. Any team qualified for World Pool Qualifier and/or World Pool Championships must play the Summer session with at least 4 original players on its roster to stay eligible. 

16.   All players/teams winning a Higher Level Tournament to advance to the National Tournament in Las Vegas may receive a travel allowance in cash as a prize, instead of a booked trip.